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I am unable to take any time off during weekday business hours to attend to this matter. The only time I can take to do this is during lunch break. Can I attend to this matter during lunch break?

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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      During the lunch hour of 12:30 to 13:30, there will be staff members at our branch available to assist you with matters including answering preliminary questions for you, inquiries as to outstanding amounts and payment matters.  However, staff members on-shift during lunch hour will only be able to handle simple and preliminary matters for you as they are not staff members from the section responsible for your particular case.  (Even for such preliminary matters, please call the responsible section during regular business hours to confirm prior to attending during lunch hours.)  If you would like to attend to matters other than purely payment, such as instalment plans or other more difficult or complex matters, please contact the responsible section during regular business hours.

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