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Public Service Implementation Plan

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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  1. Basis

      Executive Yuan’s Plan to Comprehensively Increase Service Quality andMinistry of Justice’s Public Service Whitepaper.


  1. Purpose

        To provide high efficiency and high quality service, to create high customer satisfaction, and to elevate the government’s image by using integrity, efficiency, and kindness as benchmarks and to maintain the core concept of corporate style management and by treating citizens with respect.


  1. Service Principles
  • Careful Principle: Treat all cases, regardless of size, with the same degree of attention and carefulness; to actively, and to the best of one’s ability, think from the interested parties’ positions to ensure effective resolution of the issues.
  • Professional Principle: Strictly require responsible staff to be familiar with all relevant systems, laws and regulations, and to be able to utilize them well. Also require them to be able to promptly answer all interested parties’ questions and provide speedy service to them, thereby allowing the interested parties’ to have an accurate and satisfactory response to their inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Two-Way Communication Principle: Service the public in a sincere and kind manner. Strictly comply with the laws and solve the interested parties’ lawful requests to the best of one’s ability; for unlawful requests, provide a gentle explanation thereto.
  • Compassionate Principle: Empathize with the interest parties’ concerns and to patiently explain all of the interest parties’ inquiries and concerns. Listen to all of the interest parties’ concerns to the best of one’s abilities and to gently explain any misunderstandings of the law.


  1. Direction of Service
  • Establish a convenient standard operating procedure for public service.
  • Establish a clear procedure to handle public complaints.
  • Establish a clear procedure for public requests.


  1. Content of Service
  • Speedily handle public requests and appeals.
  • Provide all sorts of facilities for the convenience of the public.
  • Assist the public in completing all types of procedures with the help of volunteers.
  • Assign appropriate staff to attend front line service work and to establish a positive image for the branch.
  • Promote a mobile style management and service, and proactively assist and guide the public in their issues.
  • Promote the spread of legal knowledge and raise the public’s sense of compliance with the law.
  • Set-up a public input comment box, opinion survey, and e-mail survey to understand the public sentiment and incorporate constructive criticism from all aspects.


  1. This implementation plan will be effective upon approval by the Director-General; effectiveness of any future amendments are as the preceding sentence as well.
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